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Achieving your body goals doesn't have to be confusing and difficult - what I've learned is that you just need to follow a simple method and a few basic steps. In the past, I had tried every fad diet out there and only got more frustrated about my body! I found that all of these fad diets contradicted each other, which only made me feel more confused about how to get into better shape. Finally, after years of trying to lose weight (and seeing no results), I lost more than 30 lbs in 12 weeks. That's when I decided to create The Beautiful Body Guide - so that no other woman ever has to go through any of the diet confusion that I went through.


Eating healthy food helps to kickstart your metabolism, so that your body can burn those stubborn fat-stores. The Beautiful Body Guide shows you how to eat simple & delicious meals, how to get increased energy, how to stay fuller for longer, how to make healthy alternatives for your favorite dishes and how to easily manage portion control. The Beautiful Body Guide is full of yummy recipes that you’ll love, as well as specialist tips & tricks, and so much more! The truth is that when you know how to make healthy food taste amazing, then you don’t feel like you’re depriving yourself - and when you eat healthy foods, you start to feel and look more incredible than ever!



With The Beautiful Body Guide you can easily work out at home in under 30 minutes per session. You'll also love the quick 16 minute workouts included! Exercising and getting into shape doesn't have to mean spending hours at the gym or getting “bulky” like a bodybuilder. Exercising and working out can help you to become more lean and toned, and can help you to completely reinvent your body shape - you just have to know what exercises to do and how to do them. The Beautiful Body Guide is complete with the most effective and up-to-date exercise methods that can help you to achieve your body goals.

What’s inside The Beautiful Body Guide?

The Beautiful Body Guide is comprehensive and simple to use, complete with the most helpful, up-to-date and relevant information for women of all ages, body shapes and sizes. The Beautiful Body Guide contains everything that you need to know about weight-loss, toning and shaping up – and presents it’s information in an easy-to-use, carefully designed, stunning 3 part book series. The Beautiful Body Guide focuses specifically on how women can achieve their body goals – in a safe, healthy and effective way.


Start now, and you can begin to achieve your goals in just 12 weeks! Take the first step today, and make your health and fitness goals possible.*


Learn simple ways to lose weight, get into better shape and completely change your body shape. You'll learn how to kickstart your metabolism, burn body fat and target problem areas  - in a healthy way!


For years, I felt frustrated because I saw no results from any diet or exercise method. Then I decided to change my approach and I finally started to see results - within 12 weeks I lost more than 30 lbs. I've since lost more than 40 lbs!


The Beautiful Body Guide 12 week program is affordable - and with the bundle set, you can get even more for your money.


The Beautiful Body Guide is compatible with all of your devices. You can easily take the guides with you anywhere, and can browse through them on your iPhone, Android, iPad or laptop.


The Beautiful Body Guide books are digital and are available worldwide. You can download the guides immediately and start seeing results right away!

Why The Beautiful Body Guide?

I created The Beautiful Body Guide because I felt like I wanted something like this to exist. There wasn’t anything out there that I’d come across at the time that really spoke to me as a young women trying to lose weight naturally.

I wanted results, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a product or spend all day at the gym.

I just wanted someone to say to me “Do these exercises, use this workout plan, make sure your form looks like this”, and I also wanted someone to say to me “Eat like this, eat these foods and use this eating plan to lose weight”.

I just wanted someone to give me the workouts, eating plan, recipes and the exact information that I needed to get the results that I wanted – so that’s what I created.

I wanted something healthy, safe and effective – that was also affordable, easy-to-use and beautifully designed. And I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted in the market place.

I wanted to create something that I knew would have helped me when I needed it (when I was trying to get into better shape) – because when I was trying to lose weight, I didn’t know where to start or what to do. I also wanted to create something affordable – this was something that was important to me because I grew up in South Africa.

How did I lose more than 30 Lbs?

After years of struggling with my weight (and trying so many diets that didn’t work), I was finally able to lose more than 30 lbs in 12 weeks – and completely reinvent my body shape. I’ve now lost more than 40 lbs!

So many women struggle to lose weight and get the bodies that they want – and often, it’s just because they are making a few small mistakes that can easily be corrected.

I have tried so many approaches to achieving my own personal body goals and have failed more times than I can count – but after trying every approach out there, I lost weight by following a simple method, and just a few basic steps. And then when I became a nutritional therapist, I was able to simplify my method even more and take it to a whole new level.

That’s when I decided to create The Beautiful Body Guide – so that no other woman ever has to go through any of the diet confusion that I went through. I don’t believe in fad diets, exclusionary diets, starvation diets or extreme training plans – but I do believe in creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that brings results.


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Liezl Jayne, South Africa

“After more than 10 years of struggling with my weight, I was finally able to lose more than 30 lbs in just a few short weeks – and completely reinvent my body shape.”*

Jenna, Canada (week 12)

“For the first time ever I don’t freak out in the mornings when I’m trying to find an outfit to wear, because my clothes actually fit me. I have a lot more energy for life now thanks to your great recipes in The Beautiful Body Guide.”*

Anna, USA (week 6)

“Just wanted to tell u how happy I am that I fit into shop clothes without them having to be altered. I can really see results from using your guides, and lot of people have noticed that there is a change in my weight.”*

*Results may vary from person to person. Adherence to both the eating plan and exercise guide are required for the best results.

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