50+ fun, delicious & healthy breakfast recipes you can enjoy anytime!

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  • 184 pages, 58 recipes, full page photos of every recipe
  • All plant-based & vegan except egg-based recipes (which all have vegan alternatives apart from 2 recipes) 
  • Gluten, wheat, soy & dairy free
  • Delicious “dessert for breakfast” recipes you don’t have to feel guilty about!
  • Classic healthy balanced breakfasts for sustained energy
  • “Calorie friendly” – whether you’re trying to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight, I made these recipes as calorie conscious as possible
  • No more boring breakfasts!
  • Easy to spot tags help you quickly find recipes that are budget friendly, quick to make, dessert for breakfast, meal prep ready, & Liezl’s favorites!

not just breakfast

It’s no secret, I love breakfast! One of the reasons is that you can enjoy them anytime of the day. I’m just as likely to eat a delicious bowl of chocolate oatmeal for dinner as I am first thing in the morning.

Done right, breakfast foods are delicious, easy to make, and provide a healthy balance of nutrients your body needs for sustained energy. They’re also great for losing weight, or maintaining a healthy weight, because they can be filling, balanced and nutritious without empty calories.

So, although this book is “just breakfast”, it’s not just breakfast. You can enjoy these tasty recipes anytime you like!

what’s inside?

Simple – all my favorite healthy delicious breakfast recipes! Broken up into 9 sections, from oats to toasts to waffles and pancakes, they’re all here. From sweet to savory, there’s something for every mood. When making this book, I really wanted to make sure each and every recipe is healthy, nutritious, balanced, and as calorie-friendly as possible – without sacrificing tastiness!

So whether you’re trying to get more healthy, improve your energy, get some fresh fun inspiration, or lose weight / maintain a healthy weight – this book could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

There’s all time classic favorites from my YouTube videos and blog, as well as delicious new never-before-shared recipes I’m so excited to show you. Even though I’ve made many of these countless times before, I made every single recipe from scratch to make sure it’s absolutely perfect – and to give you lots of beautiful pics for inspiration! 

Here’s a quick overview of each of the 9 sections and the recipes you’ll find in each one…

1. oatmeal

Classic coconut oatmeal  Classic chocolate oatmeal  Coffee blueberry oatmeal  Lemon & vanilla chia oatmeal  Apple pie oatmeal  Pecan pie oatmeal  Carrot cake oatmeal  Banana bread oatmeal  Strawberry “cheesecake” oatmeal

2. muffins

Cafe tropical breakfast muffins  Double chocolate oatmeal muffins  Classic oat, banana, raisin & nut muffins  Magic apple muffins



3. overnight oats

Vanilla chia overnight oats  Coffee banana overnight oats  Lemon blueberry overnight oats Orange chocolate overnight oats  Berry yogurt overnight oats  Peanut butter & apple overnight oats  Champion protein overnight oats  Chocolate blueberry overnight oats

4. something different

Breakfast oat & chia bread  Chewy lemon & oatmeal breakfast cookies  Sweet breakfast tacos


5. breakfast bowls

Toasted oats cereal  Toasted oats breakfast bowl  Daddy’s girl breakfast bowl  Chocolate chia pudding  Vanilla chia pudding  The fruit fly (chia yogurt bowl)  Squirrel cereal (muesli)  Squirrel cereal breakfast bowl


6. smoothies

Breakfast at the tropics  Classic green smoothie  Classic berry banana smoothie  Chocolate yogurt smoothie  Coffee date smoothie  Oh so creamy!  Protein power punch  Green mango protein smoothie  Sweet nectar   

7. pancakes & waffles

Classic oat & banana pancake and waffle mix  PB, blueberry, banana & walnut flapjacks  South African pannekoek (Liezl style)  Magic apple waffle & pancake mix  Coconut date pancakes

8. toasts

Not your average avocado toast  Mediterranean morning toast  PB & chocolate toast  Big apple toast  Sweet cream cheese toast  Spicy roasted bell pepper slices  Roasted pepper & cream cheese toast


9. eggs

Mom-made-me-do-it  Mediterranean morning frittata  Scrambled egg breakfast tacos  Big apple breakfast  Big breakfast sandwich


hard to believe it’s healthy

You don’t have to choose between being healthy and eating delicious foods – if you know how, you can have both!

There’s no reason why tasty “dessert for breakfast” type foods like pancakes, waffles, and even chocolate muffins can’t be both delicious and nutritious.

I’ve designed these recipes to be delicious, filling and balanced, so you can enjoy your favorites guilt-free.

Apart from the egg based recipes (there’s vegan alternatives included), all recipes are plant based and vegan friendly. They’re also gluten, dairy, soy and wheat free!  

simple to make using easy to find everyday ingredients

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding a delicious recipe you’re excited to make, only to discover that it uses exotic or expensive ingredients you don’t have access to. Growing up in South Africa, I know this struggle too well!

That’s why I always try and use simple, easy to find ingredients that won’t break the bank.

You also don’t need to be a master chef to pull these off. The recipes aren’t complicated, and the easy to follow instructions will guide you through the process step by step.  

this book is digital & available

to download instantly

On your phone, tablet, or desktop – download instantly and enjoy on all of your devices… plus, we’re helping save the rain forests by going digital 🙂 For the best viewing experience, you can also import directly into a native reader like iBooks or download to a compatible Kindle. Kick back, relax and enjoy!

how i lost more than 40 lbs

After years of struggling with my weight (and trying so many diets that didn’t work), I was finally able to lose more than 30 lbs in 12 weeks – and completely reinvent my body shape. I’ve now lost more than 40 lbs!

So many women struggle to lose weight and get the bodies that they want – and often, it’s just because they are making a few small mistakes that can easily be corrected.

I have tried so many approaches to achieving my own personal body goals and have failed more times than I can count – but after trying every approach out there, I lost weight by following a simple method and just a few basic steps. 

One of the big keys for me was finding healthy, balanced meals just like the ones I share in this book. When you eat the right foods it just makes everything else so much easier because you’re giving your body the healthy nutrients it needs to function optimally. This is the first essential step for achieving a healthy body and weight you love.

from IG

Hi Liezl,
I just wanted to thank you because you are the  reason why I was finally able to lose 10 kgs. I had always struggled with my weight, tried many things but always failed. I watched you first video on 17th of March, 2018 and it completely changed my life.
Thank you so much!
You are amazing.

Hi liezl, I am really big thankful to you my prospective towards my food is totally changed now, I give all credits to you I have lost 29 kgs, by following your videos like what I eat in a day, meal prep, healthy snacks and many more, the weight I gained after my two pregnancies seemed impossible to get rid off and each passing day I felt sad, your diets and exercise routine has helped me to change my life radically, I am a happier person again.

I fall short on words to thank you for being my motivator, my diet checker and my fitness routine. The courage of change you bought into me is now a lifestyle, I wish and will carry forward forever.


When I first started this journey I was completely lost about exercise or nutrition but your videos where extremely helpful: meal plans, breakfast ideas, workout plans… also the ones when you talk about dealing with anxiety and no motivation. I wanted to thank you for all of that because I think I wouldn’t feel this healthy and good shape if it weren’t for you

my personal journey

Yes, that was once me! For many years I couldn’t lose weight or get into shape the way I wanted to. I tried so many crazy fad diets that made me feel like I was going crazy, and they never worked for me.

It took a long time and a lot of searching but I eventually realized that a balanced diet was actually the best kind of diet for me. To me, a balanced diet just means that I eat all of the food groups, such as; carbs, fats and protein. I now focus on eating whole foods that are nutritious and I’m not afraid of any of the food groups!

As difficult as it was at the time, going through the experience of trying everything to lose weight is what lead me to where I am today. I learnt so much, and it helped me to figure out how to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle instead of the ups and downs of most diets.

Healthy and sustainable is the main principle I build all my recipes on. I want to be able to eat delicious foods that I love and I know are good for me in the long run. That’s why I’m so excited to be able to now share these recipes with you 🙂




pretty + simple

If you’re anything like me, you like your meals to look as good as they taste! Making Pinterest-worthy breakfasts doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming, it just takes a little creativity and having fun. This book should provide you with plenty of fresh inspiration!

Liezl Jayne’s ebooks didn’t just teach me about what foods could be part of a healthy diet, she also taught me how to have a healthier attitude. I thought I’d hate dieting, but I love the food I eat!

I’m in love with your YouTube channel. You give me a lot of inspiration and motivation! There’s no diet that will do what healthy eating does.

Your guide was actually the first thing that really got me into fitness!…My results so far are from doing Liezl Jayne’s guides. I’m proud of how far I’ve come in such a short time…

the secret power of breakfast

It may be a cliche, but I really believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There’s the obvious benefits – eating a healthy meal that leaves you feeling great and gives you sustained energy for several hours makes it far less likely you’ll be temped by empty-calorie snacks. But it’s more than that.

There’s been lots of studies that show all kinds of benefits to having a healthy morning meal, but to me the biggest benefit is not even about the practical advantages – it’s about leveraging the power of habit.

Regardless of what time it is, the first meal you eat sets the tone for the rest of the day. When you choose a healthy meal as your first meal (whether that’s first thing in the morning or later in the day) it makes you feel like you want to continue your healthy streak into the rest of the day and make more healthy choices.


Is this a physical book you'll send me?
No. This is a digital download that will be available immediately after purchase – no need to wait for shipping! You can of course choose to print it out but it looks great on whichever device you want to use – phone, tablet, desktop, etc.
Can this book help me to lose weight?

While I didn’t design this book specifically as a “weight-loss book”, I did try and make these recipes as calorie efficient as possible so that they can be used as part of any healthy weight loss or weight maintainance program.

This means that the meals are designed to be nutritious and filling without being filled with empty calories.

In a nutshell, to most effectively lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, you need to be eating healthy balanced meals on a consistent basis and experiment to find out roughly how many daily calories you need to achieve your personal goals. This depends on a lot of different factors, such as; your current wieght, your metabolism, and how much excersize you’re getting in your current lifestyle.

The bottom line is, all of the recipes in this book can be part of a healthy routine that helps you to either lose or maintain your ideal goal weight.

Does this work with your "Point System" from The Beautiful Body Guide?

It can, yes.

I’ve tried my best to make these recipes as calorie efficient as possible. They’re designed to be not only delicious, but also healthy and wholesome and can be used as part of a healthy diet whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your ideal weight. 

A lot of people love using my “points system” from my book, The Beautiful Body Guide. In case you’re unfamiliar with it, the points system is a method I came up with to be able to keep track of calories without it taking over your life.

Instead of trying to keep track of specific calorie amounts, you can follow a simple food chart where roughly 100 calories = 1 point.

So for example, a regular apple = 1 point. Simple as that.

If you use my points system, it’s very easy to implement using the recipes in this book. For all the recipes I give a rough calorie value and I suggest simply rounding that up or down to the nearest 50 calories.

So for example, if a recipe is 320 calories, you’d round it down to 300 which = 3 points. If a recipe is 240 calories, just round it up to 250 which = 2.5 points. If you’re thinking this is cheating, keep in mind that one banana can vary by as much as 50 calories (70 – 120 calories) – and that’s just one ingredient!

When you round off to the nearest 50 calories, or “half point”, the differences will even themselves out and you can still meet your overall calorie goals – without driving yourself crazy about it!

It just doesn’t make sense to split hairs over a few calories here and there. Keeping things simple and easy to follow means you’re much more likely to stick to it and reach your goals that much quicker!

Are these recipes vegan?

All the recipes are plant based and vegan apart from the egg-based recipes. I’ve provided vegan alternatives for all except 2 recipes in the book. You’re welcome to try vegan egg replaces, but since plant based egg replacers differ so much from brand to brand I didn’t want to make any claims about a specific brand.

“the first meal you eat sets the tone for the rest of the day”

I love knowing that having a healthy breakfast doesn’t only give me sustained energy for several hours, but also sets me up to want to make healthy choices for the rest of the day.  

Your videos have been such an inspiration to me while I’ve been on my journey. I’ve made your recipes, incorporated some of your workouts into my routine, but mostly you are just an awesome, inspiring motivator!
I struggled for so long to lose weight that I had packed on within a few years, and I knew I wanted to feel more confident on my wedding day, so I turned to YouTube for some motivation, and found you! I started this year off 30 lbs heavier than I am now! I’m not at my goal yet, but my wedding was last month, and I was honestly feeling so confident and comfortable in my body! Thank you for your help through this journey… You got something special, girl!
I can sum it up to say that a big part of why I’ve been this successful so far in my journey is thanks to your realistic approach to weight loss and health. You not only provide delicious recipe ideas and easy to follow plans, but you’ve constantly inspired me with your own story, and motivated me by showing how you are still overcoming some struggles.
I think beyond just diet and exercise, it’s important to feel motivated and capable of making the changes we desire… Following you has provided all of that!

I’ve lost 25kg/55pounds since February, basically since the pandemic. I’ve been your subscriber since your first what I eat in a day!

50+ fun, delicious & healthy breakfast recipes you can enjoy anytime!

LAUNCH SPECIAL $20 $15 ! (Once-off purchase, NO subscriptions!)

  • 184 pages, 58 recipes, full page photos of every recipe
  • All plant-based & vegan except egg-based recipes (which all have vegan alternatives apart from 2 recipes) 
  • Gluten, wheat, soy & dairy free
  • Delicious “dessert for breakfast” recipes you don’t have to feel guilty about!
  • Classic healthy balanced breakfasts for sustained energy
  • “Calorie friendly” – whether you’re trying to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight, I made these recipes as calorie conscious as possible
  • No more boring breakfasts!
  • Easy to spot tags help you quickly find recipes that are budget friendly, quick to make, dessert for breakfast, meal prep ready, & Liezl’s favorites!
Transformation Tuesday, I never new it was a thing until I realized just how great it is to show the world how far you can get. I lost 17 kg. Liezl Jayne was one of the girl’s that inspired me!

For the past 5 month Liezl Jayne’s videos and recipes on the blog have helped me not just lose 10kg but also maintain a healthy lifestyle that makes me able to keep my weight and stay healthy and nourished.
What I love about her content is that she offers more than just healthy delicious recipes, she breaks down the components of the meals allowing you to mix and match your favorite food and come up with a balanced meal and the right amount of calories

not just for women…

Previously, I could only describe my relationship with sugar as addictive and in the past I turned to fad diets and bland foods to lose weight. The problem was, I could never sustain eating that way forever, so I’d quickly fall back into my old habits. I was introduced to Liezl Jayne on YouTube. I loved her approach to making delicious foods with wholesome ingredients. I can definitely stick with her recipes for a lifetime. I was surprised that my diet could include things like tahini toast still see great results! My only complaint is that several of her videos videos are aimed at ladies, and I’m proof that her recipes work just as well for men! (Just a slight increase in calorie requirements.) I’ll forgive her for that! 🙂 She gives so much away for free, spend the few bucks on her ebook to help support her hard work! @midlife_kris

Hi Liezl, i have to tell you that you helped me soo much in my life like in my darkest places and i just wanted to thank you for everything and because of your videos you motivated me so much to loss weight and get healthier i’ve lost 30 kg. Your eating plans have helped me so much.

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